Wall Mounted TV - what cables to include for future proofing


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Aug 10, 2019
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We have just mounted a flat 26" screen TV in our kitchen that we previously had on a corner bracket. This time have raggled the walls for the cabling which currently only includes power cable and standard co axel ariel.

I was planning to stick in a long HDMI cable. What else would be good to include before we replaster?

We have Sky in 2 other rooms so don't plan to add Sky particularly but might get a digisender in the future

I may also want to connect to my macbook (for iPlayer or the like) but I suppose that would be a temporary arrangement in which case cables don't need to be embedded.

Just want to future proof the installation but every time I google this query I end up with an answer from about 4 years ago.....


John Duncan

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Hi macgirl, and welcome.

The correct answer is to add a connection for every available one on the back of the telly, but this might not be practical :) You might want to take a look here to see if there's a wall plate which might give you good coverage.

EDIT - +1 on the ethernet cable (unless the TV has no internet capability :))


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Personally, having cabled my house when i first moved in and now having walls full of redundant/unused cabling i wouldn't bother.

Just make sure any cable chases/conduit/trunking are large enough to take extra cabling (including plugs - unless you intend using faceplates/terminating cables yourself) and leave a draw string in place to pull through any extra cabling as/when needed.


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