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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a Samsung PS50Q96HD which I am very happy with. I also have a 2.5 year old little girl and another on the way so I need to get this TV up and out the way from them ! With so many price variations of wall mounts I'm a bit lost will a cheep one just fall of the wall ? Do I spend lots just so I know its a good sturdy one ? There is not many good shops close buy with a wall mount in stock to look at so it will be ordered of the net . I wound like it to tilt and swivel and do not want to spend to much money just for the sake of spending money ! Please could you give my names of reputable brands or mount you have used and are happy with !


I have the 42inch version and it's mounted over my brick fireplace on the wall with an Ominount Wall Bracket. If you go to Curry's you will pay arounf £160 for it. However if yu do what I did which is go and see it Curry's and check it will take upto a 50inc TV ( which I think it does) and then go onto the Dixons website and order one you should only pay around £70.00 for exactly the same mount. Even with Saturday delivery it shouldn't set you back any more than around £90.00

You may also wish to check out (can't think if it's the Dixons website or not now) they are offering a wall mount service for around £150 but whether or not that includes the Mount ( though it may be a cheap wall mount included in the price) I'm not sure.

If you want one that Tilts and swivels and can take on all new comers in Strictly Come Dancing then you will pay a little extra for the Ominount. Have a look too at the Ominount website


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[quote user="Tallyho"]Have a look too at the Ominount website [/quote]

That'll be the Omnimount website


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