Waiting for the best receiver..eternally!


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Aug 10, 2019
I have started to buy my cinema system kit and build it up over a period of months due to budget and am now ready to buy the amp although whilst the budget is a consideration, i am prepared to wait if i have to. having read the magazines and forums comments i would not go less than an Onk 606 partly because of HD Audio, upscaling and great reviews etc etc. I also appreciate that there is a buzz in the air about good deals on the 875 since it is likely to be replaced. Clearly this would be a better receiver even though it is soon to be superseded. However, I am not the kind of person to upgrade every 6 months so it has to be "the one". I understand Denon, Yamaha and Pioneer are releasing their new kit soon. Does anyone know anything about theirs in terms of spec and potential to take Onkyo's domination away. Manufactureress dominance in the market appears cyclical and i remember it wasnt that long ago that Denon could not be beaten for over 2 years. I guess its really simple - buy the best now or wait for tomorrows best when they come out in August. Any thoughts or comments.


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