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[quote user="matengawhat"]Anybody own one? What problems would i have if imported from the states?[/quote]The usual...the equipment has been adapted to accept a different voltage (110 volt if I remember correctly) and if it goes faulty, you have nowhere to turn to except the manufacturer in the usa. At the very least you'll need a voltage adapter and most probably a different plug.I must say they do have a wonderfully long garantee period on their products....Wadia Policy USA
Wadia warrants that Wadia products shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for:
5 years for parts and labor (excluding batteries)
1 year for the transport mechanism's mechanical structure and associated electronics
The warranty period begins at the date of retail sale by an authorized Wadia dealer and is subject to the following
requirements and understandings:
1. This is a non-transferable warranty applicable to the original purchaser exclusively.
2. The product must not have been modified in any manner whatsoever, or the warranty is immediately
3. The product must not have been stored in humid environment; nor subjected to weather, water, or salt
4. During the warranty period Wadia will repair the product to working order, or, at Wadia's option, replace
the defective equipment with a similar available product, at no cost to the owner for the labor, materials,
and return shipping from Wadia.
5. Wadia shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising
from the loss of property or other damage or losses due to the failure of a Wadia product. Wadia will not
pay for loss of use or inconvenience caused by the failure of a Wadia product. Wadia will not pay for
damage caused to other audio components because of the failure of a Wadia product within the limits
allowed by State Law.
6. All repairs performed after the warranty period has expired will be billed to the owner and will carry a 90
day warranty on parts and labor.
7. The customer is responsible for shipping the unit to Wadia.
8. Wadia product is only warranted in the country of original sale.Point 8, though, is the major downer if you intend to ship them from the us to the uk.



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