*vs England.

I'm not the world's biggest football fan, but that looked like a pretty impressive performance to me - Rashford, Foden and Bellingham looked great - the last of those looking as though he could be a once-in-a-generation talent. Or am I getting carried away?
Looked like Southgate was trying to rest some players, but then had to bring Kane on anyway. I've never understood (timewasting aside) why managers make substitutions with 10-15 minutes remaining.
10-15 minutes I can understand - the result of some matches have been changed with a player brought on 5-10 minutes before the end, but I’ve never understood less than 5 minutes, although as you say, time wasting is the most likely reason. I think that substitutions should be banned in the last 5 minutes if a match, unless there’s an injury. But I bet if that rule was brought in, you’d see the increases in injuries in the last 5 minutes rise…
Vs Serbia. Good in parts, still too keen to sit back and allow themselves to be attacked - and against a better side they may well have ben punished for that. Apparently it's the first opening game in the last ten tournaments that we've actually won, or so I was told.*

*EDIT - a Google suggests that this isn't true!