Virgin box to onkyo 606 video conection


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi Folks, Im looking to connect my standard virgin box to my onkyo 606.

At the moment it is being connected to my tv via a scart cable.

Is it possible to use a scart block and split the video and audio from the virgin box and connect to my reciever using LR audio lead and composite video?

I have been looking at the instructions but it only has instructions for assigning component and hdmi video in connections

so do i need to assign that an input? If so how ?

Your help would be much appreciated


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Dec 28, 2007
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The easiest way to do this is as you say, get a standard composite and stereo AV to Scart lead (like this one). Plug the yellow composite lead into one of the unused inputs and the red and yellow leads into the corresponding input's line in sockets. I think the 606 will then allow this to be sent over the HDMI cable and upscaled (Andrew / Clare - please correct me if I'm wrong as I've limited experience with the 606). The issue is, this may reduce the picture quality so may not be worth it. It's worth a punt though for £10 I guess.
Are you just looking to make life easier when switching between inputs so that the sound and picture change with just one remote? If so, if this doesn't work as required, you could look at getting a universal remote with macro functions built in. It will allow you to do this quite easily without compromising the picture quality.


The main reason was to improve picture quality. Due to virgins rubbish picture via their standard box, and I can not afford HD service.

I was considering Freesat , does any 1 think it it's worth getting it right now ?

Im thinking of waiting until the likes of sony pioneer panny release a HD box with Hard Drive. Any one know if there's anything in the pipeline ????????


The Freesat PVR will be released in October.
I'm waiting 'till then....