videos of the manchester show?

Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
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Hi folks, sorry to hear that, the videos are working fine at our end in Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Which browser are you using? Are you on Internet Explorer?

If you are using IE8, see the instructions from Microsoft below:

"In Private filtering setting in IE8 can be set by users to block videos from loading. Microsoft Internet Explorer, version IE8 and later, allows users to set security settings that block Video Cloud videos from loading.

"The problem arises from the InPrivate filtering feature in IE. This feature detects and provides the option to block communication between the website a user is viewing and third-party websites.

"Since a web page that hosts a Video Cloud player needs to communicate with Video Cloud in order to load videos, this means IE users can configure their browsers in a way that prevents Video Cloud videos from loading. This problem arises if an IE user sets the In Private filtering setting to "Automatically Block".