vertical banding on sony 65 hx 923


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Aug 10, 2019
I purchased the above just over 4 weeks ago. I have noticed that on watching football, motor racing, golf or at times films there are a few faint vertical lines running down the screen especially when the camera pans. This makes watching the tv unbearable. I am disappointed as this is supposedly their flagship model. I read the reviews on what hifi and there was no mention of this. Is this normal? An engineer is calling . I hope he does not say this is part of the course. I hope Sony customer service is good as the set is only about four weeks old.Could an engineer tweak the problem out? Is this a common problem?


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Oct 4, 2008
Yup, it's common. There is no tweakery that will remove it. Sets vary in degree of awfulness, as does customer acceptance of the fault. There are many many tales of folk world-wide coming to terms with this issue available to read on a US based forum. Don't expect much from Sony, but the dealer may be prepared to swap sets for a tolerable one . Notice I said tolerable , not perfect . I looked at - and rejected - the first set in the shop because of those vertical bands. The second one seemed to be perfect, but once at home those bands were faintly visible . Not enough to irritate , so I kept it .

The 55and 46 inch sets do not suffer from this fault ( alledgedly) so you may consider downsizing ?

Good luck.


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