V= Box - Any more HD Channels Coming Soon???


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Aug 10, 2019
Does anyone know when and if Virgin will add any more HD channels. Very frustrating condsidering how many Sky have!! Still prefer the Virgin platform though


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Jan 13, 2008
I don't think there are any plans in the near future.

There are a few HD programmes 'On Demand' but the channel list certainly does not compare to Sky HD.

As I have the V+ Box I guess I'll be waiting for more channels just like you..


Do we think that Johnny Webb and the rest of the Virgin programming team read this forum? Doubtful....
But if we're not happy, then we need to start telling them. That's the only way they're going to know. The question is 'how?'. And also what do we - as subscribers - actually want?
For me, it's more HD programming, and I suspect that's going to mean 'On-Demand', not broadcast, given the technical limitations of Virgin and their various networks.
So let's get e-mailing. Calling's not the answer. Customer services know NOTHING and consistently lie. Oh, DAMAGES didn't record on HD but does on SD? Hmmmm..... just a black screen, eh? Oh, that's got to mean that the Broadcaster didn't have the rights to allow you to record it in HD....." Rubbish. Rubbish. Rubbish. Rights are simply not broken up like that. It didn't record because either the box was wasn't working correctly or there was a fault with the feed.
OK, so let's get Johnny's email address, shall we.....? He's Managing Director, Virgin Media Television, by the way. Or let's contact Virgin Media CEO Neil Berkett. Maybe both. Or there's always Malcolm Wall, Virgin Media's CEO of Content (is that an oxymoron?). Let's get all three, shall we?
Oops, Malcolm quit/got fired/left last week 'to pursue other business interests'...... Not a good sign.

Oh, and here's their Press Release from the end of January:
40 hours of catch-up programming from ITV's four channels will be added to the service each week, and a "selection" will be available in high definition for those subscribers with HD V+ boxes.


Here's an email for Neil Berkett, but it's an old one, I suspect. nberkett@ntl.com



Search on my username for a post about BOTH my V+ boxes set to record the Wales v England hi def rugby.

On 2 calls to Virgin (middle of nowheresville) I got the "no rights to broadcast" rubbish. The second time I told them I had a BBC licence, and they said it was the provider who could not show it and I should speak to them. 2 mins later they agreed Virgin were my provider???!!!


I insisted they call me back (as they didn't know there n then) to tell me what programmes I would, in future, not be able to record. My Dad was sat happily watching the match on his Sky + box after recording it!

I'm still waiting for the call back. The operator even promised, after asking her, to call me back withing 2 hours even if she could not get an answer.

So... not only are they lying, they have not got a clue! I called as a new customer about putting in page numbers for BBCi "ceefax" pages. I was told it was a local fault meaning I could not type e.g. page 302 in for sport. I rang them up to confirm this and they still insisted a local fault was the answer, but seemed to have no comrehension of my question. So why make up an answer?!
Turns out you just can't do that on Virgin!! Or can you?!


And you are right, trying to argue with them they are wrong is a waste of time.

I don't mind faults, but when they insist on telling you rubbish when you call, it is infuriating. "Sir, its your provider who does not have the rights to show it".

Q.. who is my provider (they just couldnt answer that)
Q... what can't I record (they have no idea)

I'm with you on this one!!!


Just for the record. I know whereof I speak in this case. I know a lot about programme rights - I've worked with them at a senior level for many ears. It's my job. This excuse is patent b*ll*cks and is an insult to Virgin's clients. It shows a total disregard for the rights of the consumer and is totally lacking in any respect. They think that their customers will buy into any old rubbish and it must be stopped!


Now here's an odd thing. A bunch of new BBC HD programmes have magically appeared in the Free TV ON Demand section. We now get all of 'Cranford' and 'Torchwood S1' as well as some more HD docs. The good thing about this section is that material tends to stay on there a long time, as opposed to the HBO stuff which is always incomplete and only lives there for a month or two.


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