Using MP3 on a Sony DA120ES amp?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Please can ayone help? I'm trying to work out how to play music from my Ipod mini nano via a Sony DA1200ES amp? I noticed that another similiar Sony amp actually allows you to put the mp3 USB connector via the front of the unit, allowing you instant access/play?

Does anyone one know how I can play music straight of my ipod onto a Sony DA1200ES ?

Thank you.


Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Hi Mikey,

The simplest way is to plug your iPod nano into one of the stereo inputs of your Sony amp, using a cable - the iChord is a superb example.

If you also want to charge and control your iPod while it's plugged in, a hi-fi iPod dock is your best bet - these range from Apple's own (though you'll still need to budget for a cable and remote) to ones from all the main hi-fi brands: Onkyo does a good budget option (this retailer even gives you a diagram so you can see how it hooks up to your system).

You'll get the best sound from your system if your iPod's files are ripped at a higher bit rate - preferably Apple Lossless, but as that'll fill your nano very quickly, say 320kbps AAC.