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I managed to get hold of the Technics DV290 system a few days ago. For this separates system I was asked to part with only 55 of my pounds.

Now, you may be thinking- It must be rubbish. On the contrary!

It combines a vastly imbressive spec with surprising ease of use! The units are made of metel, seakers of heavy wood with 17 cent subs that produce a warm, full bass, even at low volume. The 12 cent tweets offer clear and crisp sound which even seem to handle Metallica's 'Day That Never Comes' without much fuss.

The options are vast. Dolby PRO LOGIC and DTS are just two of them. A plethera of inputs on the back means anything from a PC to a Blackberry can be enjoyed on those booming speakers. DVD playback on the 5 disc changer is also offered. The 'Background' setting allows one to enjoy a distant sound, yet, with soft, deep bass. Ideal if one were entertaining a female or had the sort of neighbours who complain if you sneeze to loudly.

To sum up,

A wonderful, well built system which offers everything the music lover needs. Not to mention pleasent on the eye.

You can find these systems on websites like Gumtree and Ebay.

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Feb 21, 2009
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Agreed, a lot more bang for your buck.

All of the kit below is second hand and cost aprox £2850.00, to just buy the Speakers, Rossini CDP and Power amp new would have been about £4200, do the math.

Yes you can get it wrong, but the money lost is nothing compared to buying new from a Dealer and then deciding 6 months later you got it wrong and have to move it on.

Bake Offs are the way to go, you will get to hear more combinations of kit than a dealers and in a proper living room. :dance:


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