Urgent Rega RP1 questions


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Mar 14, 2012
Hello everyone.

I had Ny turntable delivered today, with the performance pack fitted.

Now I've seen a vid on YouTube which shows the 'setup of the counterweight being done with a supplied card. Now I didn't get this card with my package.
So a few questions....

Anyone know how thick the card is?

Do I use the other card supplied to set up the Bias 2? Ofr does this only apply to the Ortofon? (the paper-like card with the target on)

Is the Bias 2 setup in the factory?

I gather you can't upgrade the phono leads? As the ones on the turntable seem cheap, and I was hoping to upgrade to Chord phono leads.


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Nov 23, 2011
I have the RP1 with the Ortofon and the supplied card with that is for alignment of the cartridge only.

The Ortofon set up is (plug and play) i.e. to push the weight to the stop on the arm.

As regards to the Bias 2 I don't think that card will work as it is not for gapping the weight.

Sorry I can not be of more help.

Incidently my ortofon was rubbing on the record on default set up. I wrote to Rega (no email address) and they sent a new cartridge and stylus out under warranty. Perhaps a phone call to them will do the trick.



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