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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi this is raj from Delhi (India)

I am new to this forum and i in the fix cos i want to have a nice stereo set up and my budget is 60k 5% less or more and i want full worth of my hard earned money.

Through the net/online forum and what hi fi i came to know that there is two best entry level amp. i.e. NAD 320BEE and CAMBRIDGE AUDIO 640AV2.0 actually the review conducted by what Hi Fi in their march 2006 issue they have considered c.a 640av2 better amp. than nad 320bee. That why I have decided to have c.a 640av2 though I have not auditioned this. I generally prefer soft music and prefer treble in sound in music like guitar, sitar etc.

I have approached a agent named Fx entertainment for ca amp. And he has suggested the following combination

Cambridge audio 640av2.0 (amp.) ( 23k)

Mordaunt short avant 906i (23k) or mordaunt short avant 908i (33k) (speakers)

Cambridge audio 540cv2(18k) or cambridge audio 340cv2 (14k) (cd player)

Now I want your expert advice for the following: -

1. is this combination ok.

2. is there any other speakers that is suitable for ca640a (I like floor stading)

3. is really ca640av2 better that nad

4. is it necessary to have cd player or can I skip this right now BTW I am having Philips dvd player will it work fine with this amp. or I will have to compromise on sound quality.

5. is their any other amp. and speakers package which is also good.

6. can any one suggest any other dealer in delhi. Actually in delhi it is hard to find a dealer or have audition. Because mostly dealers have been closed their shop due to sealing.

7. is cdp 340c is o.k or should i go for 540cv2 cos it is almost 5k more expensive.
some time i heared term bright, warm and laid back can anyone tell me what are they stand for in of reference amp. or cdp etc. one more thing i want to share that though what hi fi have given a ca640av2.0 5star marks whereas in the buyer guide they have gived 4 star what is true
Thank in advance for you kind reply.


1. Yes
2. Wharfedale and Monitor Audio are good match for CA. Difficult to get in Delhi.
3. That is subjective. Depends on the ears of the listener.
4. As a general rule, a CD player will give better sound than a DVD player. But you would be better off buying a CDP later. Spend more on other components now than look for upgrade later. You can buy a CDP later as funds allow.
5. Marantz + Mordaunt short get along very well. Denon + Jamo, Denon + Tannoy will also sound good. They are to procure in Delhi.
6. In Delhi (NCR) good hi-fi retailers are: CineBells, ProAcoustics, Top Gizmos, ProFX, Sahil International etc.
7. Your call. CD players cost as much as USD 50000. There are not for nothing. But if you cannot hear the difference between 340 and 540, save the money. Afterall, you will be the one who will listen to it.
Andrew added a comment somewhere regarding the confusion over rating. Look for it.


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