Upscaling onboard panasonic TX-32LXD700


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Aug 10, 2019
Visit site this pana(TX-LXD700) upconverts every signal SD, 480i, 480p, 720p to we don't need a UPSCALING DVD Player with it. so , we only need is a good component/HDMI cable with our existing dvd player to enjoy full HD video......or 1080p via DVD will give much better results....kindly elaborate in detail


Mandeep you have made an excellent point. Unlike what some magazines and shops have proclaimed about upscaling DVD players magically converting standard-def DVDs to high-def, upscaling is an absolute necessity if you have an HDTV and want to watch standard-def content on it - and want it to fit the whole screen not a quarter of it. It is not a luxury feature. Upscaling is just the process of multiplying pixels to match the screen's resolution. If you have a DVD player which does not upscale, it will send a standard-def signal to the tv, then the tv will do the upscaling itself. So basically, the upscaling has to happen, whether it is done by the DVD player or the tv. And you are right in thinking that your Panny will do an excellent job of upscaling, and will probably do a better job than some cheap upscaling DVD players. However, reasonably decent DVD players do often produce better results than if a reasonably decent tv does the upscaling itself. One of the reasons for this is that it leaves the tv to just concentrate on displaying the image, not having to do what is sometimes an extremely complicated mathematical procedure. When the DVD player does the upscaling, the tv will receive a signal and recognise it as a high-def signal, just like any 'true' or native high-def signal such as Blu-ray or Sky HD, then put all of it's processing power into simply doing it's job - showing the image. Also, high-end DVD players (or even Marantz's excellent £600 DVD player) can do a superb job of upscaling, and use powerful processors that are specifically designed for upscaling, and de-interlacing. These expensive DVD players will almost always do a better job of upscaling than pretty much any tv on the market. Having said that, some high-end tvs such as Pioneer's Kuro range do an excellent job upscaling, and probably do a better job than some high-end DVD players.

As a general rule of thumb, you usually get better results when the upscaling is done outboard from the tv, ie. by an upscaling DVD player. The tv will just think that it is receiving a signal from a proper 'native' HD source such as a Blu-ray player, and treat it as such. Basically, upscaling can be done by either the tv or the DVD and, if the source's resolution is less than the display's resolution, and unless you want the picture to only fit a quarter of the screen, it has to be done. It does not produce results that are as good as native high-def, but if it is done well it can produce images that are quite reasonable, and sometimes they can almost get close to 'true' HD. I hope you can get some sense from my ramblings.