upscaling DVD - Andy help !!


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Aug 10, 2019
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At present I own a Panasonic TH-42PZ70 plasma, Onkyo TX-SR605 receiver, Sony GX310 DVD Recorder and Jamo A102 HC5 5.1 speakers.

I am considering purchasing an upscaling DVD player which would possible be one of the following three.

Samsung DVD-HD 870

Panasonic DVD-S53-S

Panasonic DVD-SVSS511EB-K

I am not sure whether when playing my DVDs through the Sony DVD recorder I already own would the plasma TV upscale the picture to its native resolution 1920 x 1080. Therefore by purchasing an upscaling DVD player would I notice a substantial difference to the picture that the plasma TV produces at present.

I have also heard positive reports concerning the Pioneer DV-400V-K DVD player.

Any guidance that can be provided would be much appreciated.

Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
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If the Sony DVD recorder doesn't upscale then yes, the TV will do it
itself. Of the three DVD players you mention, I'd pick the Samsung
which was our best budget DVD player in the 2007 Awards.

Will the Samsung make a 'substantial' difference? No, but you should see some improvement in picture quality.

But what are you planning to do with your Sony DVD recorder?