Upscaling a DVD


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Aug 10, 2019
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How does upscaling a dvd work when routed through two capable devices?

I have a Marantz UD7006 player and an Onkyo TXNR609 receiver.

Am I getting the best of both worlds regarding upscaling because of the way the signal first gets improved by the Marantz and then leaving the Onkyo to polish it off?

Can upscaling only be applied once, so the Onkyo ignores its job of upscaling that would normally be done if it was run through a player not capable of upscaling?

I`m not experiencing any problems but i am curious to know how this works?
It'll be the first equipment that the picture runs through, that will upscale. The next equipment in line cannot "upscale" or "polish" an already upscaled image as long as the upscaling is to 1080p.

But, if you've got a Sky HD which upscales to only 1080i, your TV deinterlaces it.


I agree with bigboss.

If you have connected the upscaling on your Maranz, the image will be upscaled so the Onkyo doesn't have to do the same job. If it was the other way around, the upscaling job would be done by the Onkio...but if both of them had the upscaling disabled then it would do the job your TV.