upgrading to better package


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Aug 10, 2019
My bro in law as been with sky for years and just has the normal skybox, he now wants sky+ but sky want £90 for it.

Ive told him to cancel his sky and tell them he wants pvr recordings and they will probably do him a better deal rather than lose his custom.

Is this correct or will they just cancel his sky without trying to keep his custom?


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Oct 7, 2008
They will most likely transfer his call to a customer services person who will be keen to retain his custom and will offer some sort of discounted package for a given length of time. He will be quizzed about why he wants to cancel and an attenpt will be made to persuade him to stay, so if he knows what he'd like to get from sky and is familiar with the deals currently being offered to new customers, he could walk away with a good deal. I have recently done this and, as a sky+ customer for 6 years, got the same HD deal only advertised for new customers, with an additional 25% discount on my package for 6 months. Definitely worth telling them, politely but assertively, that a better deal is wanted or you shall cancel!


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