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Aug 10, 2019
Hi guys this is my first post, sorry for its length but I wanted to get quite a few ideas out here. People at richer sounds are a bit useless and tend to treat me like a child.

I got into hifi 18 months ago when I was 16 and bought a second pair of wharfedale valdus 500's (the ones with the shiny cones). I purchased a tangent amp 50 from richer sounds (because it was the cheapest), However the amp isn' t the greatest thing in the world and keeps overheating: currently at leeds uni and dj regularly at house parties...and the amp always goes into meltdown. I just bought a Cambridge audio 740a amp for £270 ex demo (inc postage) which has yet to arrive. Was the 740a a good choice for the money? Will it work well with the speakers, I really have no idea about system matching.

I was wondering if the abilities of the new amplifier would far outstrip the speakers I have and if it would be worth upgrading them. I would ideally like more louder speakers with more bass and more refinement. My musical taste includes most (almost all) genres but if I had to pick a few I'd go with sixties, seventies, trance, rock, electronic and classical. Any suggestions? Also is the 740a likely to overheat? I know its in another league to the tangent but im still a bit worried. I do tend to listen to music at outrageous volumes, hence the overheating.

To sum up I would appreciate any suggestions for upgrades, and the amounts I would have to pay for a significant improvement so in a sense my budget is unlimited, the valdus 500's are efficient speakers (93db) this is a characteristic I would like to keep, willing to look at second hand speakers.

I also bought a second hand sw 150 subwoofer for £20 but to be honest I find it a bit pathetic (and sometimes pointless), what can I buy with significantly greater output, would like to drop down to below 20hz and prefer sealed box by preference.

Also is there any chance I could see the what hifi review of the 740a (also the valdus 500's but I dont think they were ever reviewed).

Please dont recommend dj speakers/pa amps, it all sounds like c##p (to my ears anyway). (Funktion 1's being the rare and far too expensive exception).

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
What you're after isn't going to come cheap. High sensitivities like 93dB are fairly rare, and hifi speakers generally don't drop to 20Hz or below anyway. To give you an idea, KEF Q900's are a similar size, have a 91dB sensitivity, and cost around £1200, but they'll far outperform the Wharfedales, as would most speakers costing £300/400 as far as quality is concerned. The Valdus 500's are big boxes that go loud for little money. It's down to whether you want their high-ish power handling, or something which is of better quality.


running123:.....is there any chance I could see the what hifi review of the 740a .......

This may help: http://www.hifivision.com/amplifiers/366-cambridge-audio-azur-740a-review.html



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