Upgrading CD Player /Roksan Kandy K2 CD Player ?


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Aug 10, 2019
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HI Folks

This is my first post thought i would reach out to the hi-fi lovers out there for some advice !

I am thinking of changing my cd player , i am seriously considering buying the Roksan Kandy K2 CD Player as there some good deals around at the momoment on the price , i allready have the roksan kandy L111 amp , i currently have a old sony cd player which is now about 15 years old , with some B & W 600 series speakers (going to be re-placed later in year), my whole system is run through a Vestax pmc 08 mixer connected up to some Technics SL1200 DJ decks , putting the dj decks and mixer to one side does any body esle out there have the Roksan Kandy amp and cd player combo do they sound any good or does any body else have other suggestions ? willing to pay around £700-900 as i aim to keep player for around 10 years + , was thinking off the audiolab 8200 but concerned re some the review's with problems off playing cdr's etc

Any advice will be good

p.s. any thoughts about cable's etc


Get the Kandy, you wont be disappointed! I have the same combo, albeit with different speakers, but it sounds great.

Dont worry about cables, just buy some decently shielded ones, such as QED Performance which are about £25, beyond that you wont notice a difference.


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Feb 21, 2009
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Audiolab 8200CD is a very smooth sounding CD player - a little less bright with the benefits of all the digital inputs (I love the "look at that rear" marketing campaign just to point this out!). K2 CD player by comparison offers a very detailed sound and gets a lot from CDs and all things being equal should be the best match for your Roksan amp if you intend keeping that - Roksan also recently reduced the K2 range by £150 which is a nice incentive


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