Upgrading a Monitor Audio Radius R90AV-12 to a 7.1 system


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am hoping to get some input regarding upgrading my system to a 7.1 system using the Monitor Audio Radius range of speakers and of perhaps getting a bit more sound for movies and music.

The current system I have consists of a Sony KDL-40W2000 TV, STR-DA1200ES receiver and a LG RC7000 VHS/DVD recorder. The latter will be complemented/replaced with a PS3 and either a Denon DVD-1940 or Marantz DV6001 soon. (Any chance of a comparison test here?) The R90AV-12 also has a R250 center instead of the usual R225 speaker.

This is all located in an L-shaped living room. The TV area is 3m wide and 4m long - One of the 4m sides opens up to the rest of the living room which is an additional 3m wide and 6m long (Total area 30sqm). The prime seating area is close to the rear wall of the TV area and about 3.5m from the TV and front speakers. The side R90 speakers are mounted high and slightly to the rear.

1: Would it make sense to replace the front R90 speakers with R225s in order to get more volume for music? Would it also help for movies?

2: As for new rear speakers to make it 7.1, I know the prime listening position close to the rear wall is not great. The speaker positions I have available are only 1m each from the listening position and mounted fairly low on each side. Even the small R90 speakers here are too big for my wife. Will the tiny R45 do the job or will I be disappointed?

3, Will such a MA Radius 7.1 system mix with R250 center, R225 fronts, R90 sides and R45 rears be tonally balanced and any good? Or should I perhaps stick to a R250 center, R90 fronts and sides and R45 rears?

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Was about to suggest going for the 225s and relocating the front 90s to the surround back channels, but yes the system you suggest in point 3 would work fine. Sell the front R90s, I guess...


Thanks Andrew

The spare R90's are going in the kitchen with a not yet selected micro DAB system. But that is a different forum.


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