Apr 23, 2024
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So I spent some time with the old man and re-caught the bug. I'm now looking to upgrade my amplifier.
Does anyone have any experience with the Cyrus Stereo 200?

I currently have a Smartpower Plus running in stereo mode with PSX-R. The plan was to pick up a second Smartpower Plus and run them in mono. How much better would a Stereo 200 be compared to a Smartpower Plus running in stereo mode or compared to 2x Smartpower Plus running in mono mode?

Also, any opinions on how the Stereo 200 stacks up against Cyrus' older monoblocks as alternative upgrade options (APA7.5, Mono X, Mono X 200)?

Thanks in advance!

PS. I posted in another forum but seem to be struggling to get traction. Hoping I'll reach more Cyrus fans here!


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Jul 31, 2023
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Well, in this Forum, you get action!!

Welcome, and from a Cyrus fan, and another old man! I purchased and still own the first Cyrus product, the original Cyrus One integrated, and such amps are still their main thrust. I used that 25-wpc mighty-might, without the PSX supercharger, as my main driver, for about 35 years of the company's 40-year history, without a single problem, AND it is still running my secondary stereo setup. SO, that reliability, and the satisfaction with its performance is why I would strongly encourage you to stay with Cyrus.

Not much help with your comparison/upgrade/mono question, but at least you did hear from a fellow Cyrus fan, AND a "well-known member" at that. Enjoy your shopping and evaluation!