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Aug 10, 2019
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Earlier this year I began to get into vinyl but I had no idea about what a good turntable, amplifier, cartridge etc was so I decided to play it safe and bought everything B&O in the hope that no matter what I bought it would be good quality. I was right and for my first set up I was very happy (Beogram 1700, Beomaster 901 and Beovox S2200 all for about £150).

However I have noticed that my cartridge is now worn and the sound my set up produces is not easy to listen to. I've had this kit for about 6 months and for several reasons I want to build a set up from new . However I still don't know what too look for. I'm hoping someone could offer me some advice and recomendations. I'm not an audiophile but I want my music to sound good and do get annoyed by noticable imperfetions. I'm a student so am not looking to spend much more than £350 and I listen to a wide range from classical to hardcore punk.

I'm looking at either a PROJECT DEBUT III OB or PROJECT ESSENTIAL (good choice?) but am lost with pre-amps, amps and speakers. HELP!



Ooh this is a challenge.

For the money, I would have suggested used but if you want new:

I can see the Essential for £140 here:


You will need an amplifier with a phono stage (to boost the cartrdge signal). Perhaps something like:

http://www.richersounds.com/product/amplifiers-receivers/denon/pma510ae/deno-pma510 (£140)

and for speakers:

http://www.richersounds.com/product/bookshelf-speakers/wharfedale/diamond-9.0/whar-9.0-blk (£40)

leaving you about £30 for speaker wire.

If you go to a Richer Sounds store you may be able to bargain it down some more if you buy them all in one go. I am sure other forum members will suggest other items.

It's a nice little system. The amplifier is the one I am most concerned about as I have no idea how good the Denon's in built phono stage is. The Project is a nice entry level turntable and the Diamond 9.0 speakers are a great price for what you get (very low because they have been superceded by a newer model)