Upgrade ideas????


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Jul 24, 2007
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My system consists of

Rotel rcd-02 cd player, Rotel rc-03 pre amp, Rotel rb-03 power amp, Atlas equator interconnects, Qed original speaker bi wire, B&W 705 speakers.

I am looking to upgrade part of my setup. What would you think would be best to upgrade first. I am thinking of trying a Rotel 1070 cd player as it is their current reference player. I want an even better sound than I currently have, The 705 speakers are wonderfully detailed and I would love to complement them more. Question is what with.

Also on my mind is getting a Primare cdI10/ Linn classik one box system after selling the above.

I am in two minds please help. My musical taste ranges from R.E.M. through to Metallica. No classical in my collection.

the record spot

The Classik picked up rave reviews on release and was reckoned to be as good as separates by some; you can get it now for around the £650 mark. There's the Primare and the Arcam Solo to consider as well, higher price obviously. Depends if you want to minimise the boxes and cables around the place - that might be a factor in your thinking?


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Jul 28, 2007
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Linn Classik is a wonderful product and if I am looking for that kind of system I would go for it. Linn also have a good reputation for building a long lasting machine so you can sleep happy at night. You can also add a pair of mono blocks (or a dual power amp) when you ready to upgrade again.....majik oh I mean classik indeed.


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