Upgrade from Pioneer VSX D-2011?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have been using a pioneer vsx d-2011 for quite some time now. It is hooked up to a HTPC with Blu ray inside through multi channel. I got a old but good JBL centre speaker, two front biamped Quad 12 L and 2 Kef IQ70 as surround, subwoofer is a paradigm. The room is 5x5 metres and will have hard floors and walls (carpet now)

I had a recent unexpected shut down yesterday from the amp, also the setup would not run. I managed to get the amp going again but I expect that I have to replace it someday. :wall:

I was looking to the Pioneer 55 lx amp for replacement, which is probably quite obvious. However because of the makeover of the room with hard materials I was wondering if I should go for Yamaha or Denon. Budget is around 1.000 euro's.

Suggestions are welcome. :quest:


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