Upgrade Arcam AV50


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Aug 10, 2019
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As you can tell by the subject name, my kit is rather old - but I love it!

I have an Arcam 8SE CD player, an Arcam AV50 surround amp and an Arcam 8P power amp. These are bi-amping a pair of B&W 603, there is a B&W CC6 centre speaker and a pair of B&W DS6 at the rear. All very nicely sounding and pretty desirable - back in 1998 when I bought them!

My DVD player is a Sony DVPS-735, this handles all the digital processing as the Arcam AV50 does not have a digital decoder, but has a set of 5.1 analogue inputs. I would like to make use of another digital source - a Sky+ box to my system, it is currently connected via interconnects. Are there any suitable digital surround processors that I can add to my existing components?




Processors don't come that cheaply, so it depends on how much you are prepared to spend. The Audiolab 8000AV can be had for about £700 from Superfi, and would do what you want.

You might be better off just buying a much newer integrated AV amp that does all the processing and will have more connection options than you could possibly need.