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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi All

First post here but have gained a lot from reading the posts here so thanks!

I have a system that sounds great to me, clear and enjoyable. I want to upgrade it step by step as i am sure there is more fun to be had out there! My system is a NAD 501 CD player, a Creek 4040 (s2) amp, and Tannoy Mercury 3 floorstanding speakers. I guess the CD player might be the place to start but like i say i would welcome advice.

I am thinking of spending 2 or 3 hundred pounds on the first step of this.

Any advice gratefully received.



Hi Nick,

There is a lot of choice in cd players. amps and speakers. All depending on personal taste and budget.

The best way to determine what is your cup of tea, is to try some out in within your budget.

The key is to find something that matches to other components. A cd player can have great reviews, but

it has to fit in your system. Good luck!


thanks ocean. You are right about it fitting to my system, but how do I find out if a CD player will sound good with a Creek amp as they are not in the shops to demo with? Its really tricky.

I have been reading a lot of positive reviews about the Marantz CD5004 CD player. It is currently in Richer SOunds for £169.00 which looks like a bargain. Is the difference between a NAD501 (about 20 years old) and the Marantz going to be noticable, or should i look to something better? I dont want to upgrade and then wonder if it really made a difference :)