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Aug 10, 2019
Hi guys im new to all this i recently purchased a samsung 55" led smart 3d tv but im trying to setup the refresh rate so that its perfect for my xbox but to be honest im struggling to see the difference as i play it threw demo mode plus theres 2 different types of motion plus normal and led i can have them both on but still am struggling to see the difference if i set them up high i get a frosted glass effect around staionary images such as speedometers and general hud and also a almost ghosting effect on the fast stuff is this dew to the tv being broke or the hdmi cable not being up to par even tho its a gold plated high speed cable im wondering if its because its 1.3b and not 1.4???

any help would be much appreciated thanks

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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From checking the tech specs, it seems your Samsung has a dedicated Game Mode - that would be a very good place to start, as it will turn off all unnecessary processing .

See if that helps, then we can talk you through further set up tweaks.


hiya thanks yeah i just tried that but it just sets it at 60 hz and then it just looks like my normal tv i use to have the reason i bought it was for the refresh rate with game mode on it turns of motin plus and the led one to i can tweak the settings in custom but i was just wondering if any1 knows the perfect setup for fast action scenes


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Aug 26, 2010
Most console games are frame limited to either 30fps or 60fps so having it at 60hz will be fine. noramlly you want as much picture processing turned off as possible (normally whan game mode does)


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