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Two Sonos Play 1s as desktop speakers?


New member
May 6, 2016

I'm thinking of buying two Sonos Play 1s and using them as a pair of stereo desktop speakers for my MacBook Pro. I need some new desktop speakers and am thinking this would kill two birds with one stone as I'd also then have a multi-room option if I wanted it. I know it's possible to use two Play 1s as a stereo pair but my questions are:

1. Can I stream directly from iTunes on my MacBook - or at least will the Sonos app I download on my iPhone/iPad access all my music in iTunes on my Mac? (it wouldn't really be much of a desktop speaker set if I can only stream what's on my phone)

2. How would the sound quality compare to a more normal desktop set up like the KEF Eggs, Ruark MR1s or Bose Companion 5s?

I'm an expat working in the Middle East so would aim to pick these up from Heathrow on the way back out - it means I don't have to check them in but it's a bit of a problem if they can't be used in the way I'm intending!

thank you!


New member
Oct 16, 2008
You can listen to the music stored on the MacBook, provided you share the location to the Sonos devices (the desktop app will do that for you). You won't be able to play any system audio output from the Mac however, including things like YouTube, Netflix etc.

They're not PC speakers at the end of the day.



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