two mono amps


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Aug 10, 2019
As indicated in one of my other posts I am currently redecorating the room in which my hifi lives. Due to practical needs the Hifi equipment is located well away from the speakers and for tidyness the speaker cable is in a duct concealed in the wall and ceiling. Due to the length of cable needed my budget would only stretch to XT400. As a consequence I am unable to Bi-wire and consequently bi-amp I assume. However is there any benefit for me to run a power amp per channel, I assume with each in mono mode. As this will hopefully driver each speaker harder.

Current system all cyrus

Cdxt dacx prevs2 xpower wilson benesch arc (sensitivity 88dB impedance 6ohms nominal)

My intention is to add a further xpower if this is appropriate?


Yes, another X power and running both in mono will give you some improvements to the sound. If money is no object, I'd recommend going to the top of the CYRUS tree and getting a pair of mono X amps, this is exactly what I'll be doing next week when my shiny new mono X's arrive, can't wait....