two channels into one?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi I am looking for some advice for a problem i have,

a freind of mine asked me for advice on a new set of small compact speakers to replace a rather cumbersome existing set he has at the moment.

I suggested that he try MA Radius as he was delighted with the look and sound of my system.

Now after i gave him a visit and looked over his current system which consists of a technics midi hifi "seperates" system with huge speakers i have hit a bit of a problem.

The hifi has a stereo pair of speakers which have 2 pairs of speaker wires connecting to each L & R speaker which seem to be one for the bass and one for mid/high. but i am not entirley sure.

my question is will i be able to use any bi wireable pair of speakers with this hifi or can i as someone suggested use any pair of speakers and connect both wires to the same trminal.

my freind would like to keep his existing system as it is in a hand made wood cabinet.


I'm not sure if I understood your question right, but don't EVER short-circuit any output terminals of your amp; you will either destroy the amp, blow your speakers or if you're lucky you will simply hear nothing.

Use single wire. It's very unlikely that Technics uses active crossovers in their budget systems, so that should work fine. If it doesn't work fine and the set does have active crossover, you're stuck. Even if you would buy a different set of bi-amp speakers, you would still need to take the amp to a Technics dealer to tune the active crossover for the new speakers.