Nov 23, 2015
I've not wall mounted a TV before and thought this was going to be relatively simple but there now seems to be an absolutely huge range of mounts from £10 upwards.

The TV is a 50" Panasonic Plasma P50GT60. It's going to be mounted on a wall with a pair of Monitor Audio Radius floorstanders to either side. There are going to be shelves around the 'media' area of the wall that will be about 300mm deep. That means I don't actually want the TV to sit partiularly tightly agaisnt the wall. Viewing will be straight on so not tilt or swivel required so I though a simple fixed mount would be ideal.

However, all of the mounts i can find all sell themselves as 'ultra slim' and look like they leave no space for plugs or cables behind.

Any recommendations for brands to look at? Are there any fixed mounts that are not so flush or do I need to be looking at 'full motion' mounts to get a TV to sit more than a few cm from the wall (not much - probably 50/60mm or so)


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Jan 16, 2013
There are many TV mounts to pick from, and the most expensive aren't necessarily the best.

I would make sure you are either fixing into solid brickwork / blockwork, but if you wall is just plasterboard, I would strongly suggest you get a mount where you can alter the distance between the fxings to the wall and screw your mount into the studs behind the plasterboard. IMHO trying to hang a heavy, expensive TV on pasterboard fixtures, however good, is asking for disaster. You can find the studs (the vertical wooden beams supporting your plasterboard) with an electronic stud finder from B&Q or by simply tapping on the wall with a small hammer, mallet, rolling pin, whatever. If you get a hollow sound you're not on a stud, if you get a dull thud you're on the stud.

Also, remember the mounts tend to be rated for your TV weight, and I would get a mount whose capacity comfortably exceeds the weight of your TV, especially if you're contemplating one that extends out from the wall.

Use Hilti bolts or similar in brick / blockwork or at least number 10 woodscrews into studs. You should assume only half the screws are effective, so for a 50 kg TV I would use fixtures that are each capable of supporting 25 kg. Screws are cheap, TVs aren't.

Also remember you can buy HDMI and power cables with 90 turns on them, which makes using them behind flush mount TVs a lot lot easier. HDMI cables, in particluar, don't like to be bent very much, especially close to the plugs.


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