TV switching inputs when viewing Guide on BWT700


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, just got the Panasonic BWT700. Have the following:- BWT700, Virgin STB and Samsung TV. Currently connections are:- HDMI between BWT700 and Samsung TV. Scart between Virgin STB and BWT700 Scart between BWT700 and Samsung TV. Now the issue I have is:- Whenver I view the Guide or Functions menu when using the BWT700 (HDMI), the TV switches to AV1, which is the scart socket the BWT700 is connected to the TV through. Coming out of the Guide switches back to HDMI. I had the same problem with my old DMREX75 but ignored it. Any ideas how I can fix this would be much appreciated. Thanks


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Apr 7, 2010
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So according to what you have said, you have a scart & an HDMI lead coming from the tv to the BWT700. If thats the case why? Surely you only need the HDMI from the BWT700 to the TV.