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TV settings?


New member
Aug 10, 2019
Hi WHFSV team,

Having read numerous posts from people (me inclueded) on this forum regarding the issue of tv settings that WHF find to give each tv you review the best possible picture, would you be able to add another tag to the full review page that currently offers you to add YOUR OPINION and TECH SPECS with somethings like TV SETTINGS for example? This would also save space in the mag if you where thinking of adding settings and also get this re-occuring monkey off your back.

Your thoughs welcomed


Clare Newsome

New member
Jun 4, 2007
As previously mentioned on many occasions, with everyone's room sizes/lighting different, we seriously question how useful the sharing settings will be - a good going over with the THX Optimizer plus a tweaking to suit your particular tastes would be the best first step for everyone, combined with our advice on experimenting with picture-processing modes (starting with everything off) to find the set-up you prefer (which may also vary depending on the source you're using).

We do give a steer in reviews to settings we've found helpful, but I fear people blindly following a proscribed list of settings could cause as many problems as it solves.


Well-known member
Dec 28, 2007
No offence to the OP as I know you're trying to help with those who keep requesting these settings, but I'm still bemused as to why people want the settings that other people have used. Chances are, they won't be optimal in your living room because of the different conditions.

The THX Optimiser tool is freely available and isn't rocket science to use. If you find the settings aren't to your liking after running this, then tweak them until they are. There is no right and wrong here, only what's right to you.

EDIT - Clare beat me to it!



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