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Aug 10, 2019
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Can someone enlighten us regarding CRT/LCD/Plasma power consumption and this influencing TV choice. Large Plasma TV's consume high amounts of power I believe, more so than LCD. Is this correct ?

Surely it should factor in TV choice for many people?


I was told Plasma's comsume about the same amount of power per screen size as CRT's. So a 50' Plasma will burn alot more power then a 48cm CRT. And yes, LCD's are alot more power efficient then a Plasma.

We have the same issue over here in Australia with Current Affairs shows running stories on power hungry Plasmas. But I think this is kind of silly considering every man and his dog runs a few Air Conditioners in their house nowdays. I think the power consumption would be pretty small compared to a Fridge, Clothes Dryer, Air Conditioner etc....

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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[quote user="Conway"]
And yes, LCD's are alot more power efficient then a Plasma.


Panasonic has done demonstrations in recent years showing that while LCDs consume a constant amount of power - since the backlight is always on - the power consumption of plasmas varies widely according to the brightness of the image on-screen. So running full white, a plasma uses a lot of power, whil darker scenes see the enrgy consumption go down.

Of course it averages out to an extent, and Panasonic was using it as one of a whole load of demonstrations of why it feels plasma is best for larger screen sizes (37in+), but it's not quite as simple as 'plasmas use a lot more power than LCDs'.


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