TV / LED / Freeview recorder !


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Sep 19, 2009
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Sorry this is quite a general question.

Basically Im looking at buying a new tv and Ive seen some Sony Bravias for about £500. At the moment I have a freeview box with build in recording capabilities which is attached to my current tv along with a Samsung Home Cinema system.

My questions are a) can I connect this freeview recording box to the new tv if I buy it (it might come with Freeview included in the tv but I still want to use my current box as I can record on it) b) The new tv is LED - is it better to aim for an LCD one or doesnt it make much difference ?

Thanks in advance


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Jun 20, 2008
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All new TV's have Freeview tuners regardless but you can still hook up your recorder and use it exactly as you do now.

If your's is a fairly standard one and it's hooked up with a SCART lead, I've not as yet come across a TV which doesn't have at least one SCART connection but obviously just worth double checking beforehand. Otherwise, use an HDMI lead if your box offers that connection.

An LED TV refers to how the backlighting on the TV is produced - it's still an LCD TV. Traditionally LCD TV's have been lit using a backlight made up of Cold Cathode Flourescent Lamps (CCFL), but in recent years LED TV's have become increasingly more common. These consist of a series of light emitting diodes sited around the edge of the TV which shine the light behind thel LCD panel through a diffuser - it's just another method of producing the backlighting.