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Aug 10, 2019
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We're looking to replace my 15 year old son's bedroom tv which is currently an old 14" portable. We're on a budget of up to £300 but were hoping to be somewhere nearer £250. We're looking at LCDs around the 19/20" mark as it has to sit on a sideboard - although I'm sure he'd happily have a 42" if I could afford it.....

We've done the comet/curries run to get a shortlist and I've tried to search the web for reviews but there seems to be a lack of them for these smaller TVs. I'm usually pretty good at researching techie stuff but I'm really struggling with this.

We'd thought about the Tosh 19W330DB, the Samsung LE19R86WDX and the Hitachi 19WDVB (unfortunately exlusive to curries). The few reviews I've found on the tosh and samsung were not very encouraging which is a shame as they were at the lower end of our budget. The Hitachi had a nice form factor and looked suitably smart for a teenager, but I can find no reviews.

I've also noticed humax have released some nice looking tvs and the 19" is within our budget, but again no reviews and although I have a humax PVR I'm not sure about their TVs.

I know we're not going to get the best tv in the world, but we want him to wake up happy on Xmas morning, any thoughts/help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



It seems to me there are very few reviews of the smaller tv, despite that fact that most of us have several in our houses. I guess the glamour is all in the big panels.

Does anyone know of any magazine or site that may have done a group test recently ??


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Sep 6, 2007
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Hello can be a good place to look for new LCD TV's and they usually come with reviews from magazines but also from the people who've bought them. Sometimes i think the buyers opinion is more valuable than a magazines.


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