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Aug 10, 2019
Hi All,

A friend needs a new ariel for his house. He has been quoted £300 for a digital ariel. I have a couple of queries:

1. Is a digital ariel necessary? I thought as long as you have a decent signal your digibox/tv will be able to produce the digital picture?

2. What's a reasonable price for an ariel with installation?

3. Can anyone reccomend a business in Manchester?




No such thing as a 'digital' aerial. I DO wish the ASA would stop that!! If they are trying to sell you a 'digital' aerial I'd shop around.

The only things you need to worry about are: Is it the right grouping for the area, and (b) Do I need high gain/front to back ratio to null out another transmitter. The former can be figured out easily enuf; there's (anyone know where?) websites that tell you what group aerial you need. The latter largely depends on how far away from the transmitter you are... Anyway, £300 seems a lot to me. Anyone know different?

In my experience, the biggest problem tends to be the cable. I found a local shop peddling some 'tv co-ax' with a loss of 1dB/metre. Don't worry if you don't understand - it means it's rubbish for this area.

I re-installed an aerial for a neighbour, and by using some better quality cable I did away with boosters etc... Now their digi box stays in sync., where it used to lock up on a regular basis.

- S


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