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Aug 10, 2019
Hi everyone,

I'm after some advice.

I'm buying my girlfriend a turntable for Christmas. I'm on a budget and preferrably looking for something under £100. I originally started looking at USB turntables but from what I've read these appear to sacrifice quality and workmanship for the ability to plug into your PC.

What is the best value in this price range? A USB turntable would be nice but it will spend most of its time plugged into the stereo rather than the PC. I did see an ex-display model of what I think is a Pro-ject Debut III in my local Richer Sounds for around £100. Is it worth taking a look at this?

I'm genuinely confused and would appreciate any and all advice on the subject. Many Thanks.


the Pro-Ject Genie at £124.99

or the Bush MTT1 at £49.95

both well recomended by What Hi-Fi

the record spot

If you can, leave the Bush to one side; good in its' day, but that review goes back to 1997 or thereabouts. Not knocking the recommendation, but a little more outlay will net you a BIG improvement. Project Debut would be money well spent and you can also probably find a Goldring GR1 with Elektra cartridge (which is more of a Rega Planar 2/P2 derivitive) for about £100 as well these days. Likewise a NAD 533 (also a Rega clone).


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