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turntable help please


New member
Aug 10, 2019

I'm hoping someone can kindly help or give me some guidance on my hifi problem. I've got a direct drive Yamaha GT-2000 hooked up to a Nakamichi amp, and it was working fine until recently. Now, the only way I can get sound out of both speakers from the t-table is by turning off the amp, disconnecting and then re-connecting the cables from the turntable to the amp. However as soon as I stop the t-table to flip the record, I can then only get sound out of one speaker. Switching the cables around I can get sound out of either speaker, so it seems there is a problem with either the amp phono input or the turntable signal into the amp. The CD and other amp inputs all work fine. Obviously turning the amp off and then going through this disconnect/reconnect of the leads is not ideal. The t-table weighs 32kg so I don't want to hump it into town, and can't find any hifi stores that are interested to take a look anyway.

If anyone has any suggestion on how to tackle or establish what's wrong I'd much appreciate it. If this is the wrong forum I apologize.



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Jan 10, 2008

Could you perhaps pick up a cheap phono preamp (I believe they go from around £15 on ebay) and use that as a test? If all is fine, then you will know it's something in the phono stage of the Nak.

I'm just thinking, does the Yamaha plug into the "phono" section of the Nak, or is it plugged into an "aux" type input? If the latter, it might have it's own phono preamp built into it, which may be the problem.

If none of the above, what happens if you touch the cartridge wiring between the arm and cartridge (gently!)? Does this make any difference?



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