Tuners in one brand systems


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi there! As subscriber to your magazine and (proud) owner of a Roksan Kandy cd-player/amplifier combo I've been wondering about the quality of the matching Roksan tuner. And as far as I can tell you've never tested this piece of kit. I'm just a casual radio listener, so I'm wondering if this tuner (or any other in a one brand system) is worth the splurge. (I could stick with my aging Akai tuner or use a new surround receiver for radio duties...)
In your magazine you never seem to include the tuner in a "one make system" test. How come? Am I the only one with this interest? Sure there must be more people wondering about this?

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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IMHO if you want a decent tuner for a system such as this, you could do a lot worse than the Denon TU1500AE - if you just want FM/AM - or the TU-1800DAB if you want to add digital radio reception, too.

Why less coverage in the magazine on tuners? I suspect it's simply that people ask a lot less often for tuner reviews, and tend to listen to what radio they do enjoy via DAB portables and the like.

I'm with you - I'm still running an old Audiolab 800T, which is now over ten years old, in my system.


I have been considering the Denon TU1500AE (I live in the Netherlands where DAB is not yet widely available and cable television/radio is).
Alas, for aesthic reasons I'm still wondering about the quality (and price) of the matching tuner to my Roksan Kandy set.

As well as single remote convenience...