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Aug 10, 2019
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Ok Guys

I've been through all the topics and believe i now understand 24FPS fairly well

What i would like to know is what TVs (40-42 inch) can cope with this from a blu-ray source, i dont want details on 2:3 pulldown and how it is not noticeable on the Panasonic PZ42B because it is (Comet are taking mine back) the juddering image has done my head in.

The manufactures specs dont show these details clearly, Sony Talk about '24p true cinema' but i understand this is 2:3 pulldown, the only TV i have seen is the Pioneer which does seem overpriced (but does cope with 24FPS as it should be)

I would appreciate your assistance with this, Panasonics new range will show 24FPs at 3:3 pulldown and are available in April (according to their shops) but not sure of the price



You have pretty much answered your own question, but I don't think what you say about how Sony tvs handle 24fps is true. I know that all Sony's tvs that have the 24p mode also have (sort of by coincedence) Sony's own version of the 100Hz motion thingy, however Sony make a big point about the fact that when 24fps content is being shown, the 100Hz mode is switched off and such content (24fps) is played back at it's correct speed.

In fact, if you really take everything that Sony say about this matter completely literally then it would seem that their tvs playback 24fps material at exactly 24Hz - ie no repeating frames at all, unlike Pioneer's tvs which display each frame 3 times so 24fps is actually displayed (still true and at correct speed) at 72Hz. Unlike even your local multiplex in fact - cinemas have always shown films at 48Hz. The reason why this has always been the case is to stop you detecting any flicker, and for this reason I do not believe that Sony's tvs actually playback 24fps content at 24Hz. I seem to remember either reading or being told that Sony's tvs do a 5:5 pulldown - ie 120Hz, or maybe a 4:4 pulldown - ie 96Hz.

One thing is pretty much for sure though - Sony's tvs' do display 24fps natively, like I have described above, whether they run 24fps at 96Hz or 48Hz or 120Hz or 864Hz, they definitely do do so at the correct speed. Otherwise Sony would not have the audacity to make such a big fuss about their tvs' being capable of showing 24p - "as the director intended" yawn. I mean, that would just be stupid.

Anyway, just to finish, Pioneer's Kuros are the best bet for all content, but especially that which runs at that lovely filmy speed of 24fps. And Sony are a good bet too - they do show 24fps natively - properly at the proper speed!


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