Trio KA3300 and Profile Model 10 speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi all,

This is my first post, and I'm also fairly new to hi-fi in that I've never been in a position to upgrade upon my begged borrowed and inherited system. I do however have experience in and a passion for audio recording and live sound, so (I hope!) I don't have cloth ears.

The two main components of my system are proving difficult to find information on, and I am hoping to tap in to this forums users' knowledge base for help.

I listen to a broad range of musical styles including but not exclusively folk, jazz, soul, rock and hip-hop.

First off is my father's Trio KA-3300 amplifier, bought for him new in 1976 (or there abouts). I have listened to this amp over the last 7 years on a total of four pairs of speakers, so feel I know it's characteristics fairly well. I find it a bit heavy in the bottom end, but the overall sound is warm, with a slightly less defined top end than I would perhaps desire.

Coupled with my very recent aquisition of a pair of Profile Model 10 speakers (apparently around the £1000 mark when they were new in 1980...) I am now enjoying a very rich and full sound, with the Profiles providing an extended frequency response in the low end but still lack the brightness I enjoy on my active studio monitors (Event TR6) and various others I have worked on such as Dynaudio BM5s, Yamaha NS10s driven by a Samson Servo amp of some sort and KRK VXT8s. I understand that hi-fi and studio serve different purposes, but I feel my listening background is potentially significant to anybody advising.

I am looking to replace the amp in the near future with something that can even out the bass and brighten up the treble. I have been drawn to the Rotel RA04 and the Marantz 6004 for their shining reviews. Can anybody please advise on amp selection with a £300 budget considered, if of course this is my best course of action?

There is of course also the consideration of my current amp's electronic condition, considering it's age. I will be looking to service it soon and compare before and after.

Any information or experience on any of my equipment would be invaluable and much appreciated.

I have thus far found this on the amp: - and pretty much nothing on the speakers.

Any advise will be warmly received and appreciated.


It's really an issue of budget, but also for the fact that I have been so impressed by the improvement these Profiles have made to my hi-fi. I should have made more of a point on that, as they have really enhance my enjoyment of my records and CDs and were an absolute bargain from a colleague!

I'm not looking for an overtly bright sound, but want to move away from the sometimes slightly muddy sound I currently have.

Is active really going to be my best option with my budget? Do you recommend saving further and moving to a second active set-up? It would be a real shame to write off these Profiles. I have no experience with active speakers in the hi-fi market. I fear I'll be looking at more cash than I can part with...

Thanks very much for your input

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Apr 22, 2009
Hi j.davis I had the trio amp when it came out and loved it I think its about 35 watts a channel and had some thing called darlington power blocks and was well reviewed at the time I think I have still got the manual I will see if I can find it if I do I will post as much info as possible thats if the good lady hasn't binned it welcome to the forum you will find that the other posters on here are a realy helpful knowledgable and humourous bunch of people:) :)


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Aug 21, 2009
Hi there and welcome to the forum.

I'm not going to be much help as there is no £300 amp I'd prefer to the KA 3300.....this is because I have very fond memories of a friend's Trio KA 1500 and Videoton Minimax speakers of around 1976. It's made me come over all nostalgic, so thanks for that.



Nice to hear a couple of you fondly remembering the Trios! toyota man, if you have schematics and/or a service manual, that would be very helpful indeed, although all information is valid!



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