Triangle Esprit Comete Ez


Aug 20, 2022
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Those speakers are fun but tiresome.
I purchased a pair of those on 2021. They are made in China with poor quality control. My first pair arrived with a defect ( wrinkle) on the woofer and a dent on the cabinet. But it was a fun sounding speaker.
Dealer exchange it for a second pair.
The second pair didn't had the cosmetics issues but sounded pretty thin and unbalanced.
I also purchased the Triangle stands for the speakers. They also came with cosmetic defects. So I see a poor quality production brand.

Regarding to the sound they are unbalanced and they get you tired after the exciting initial impression fades out. If you EQ them with a system like Dirac or Sonarworks the sound changes completely. It transforms to a new speaker. That shows how poorly balanced they are.

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Sep 17, 2022
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I have completely different experience to Bozon's. Comete Ez are nicely made, high quality, natural sounding speakers. The treble is actually very fine and quite refined and I cannot hear any harshness that What HiFi reviewer mentions. The tweeter is quite amazing. I agree though that Comete Ez are a little unbalanced, but the sound is definitely not skewed towards treble. These speakers are warm sounding and somewhat treble subdued.


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Dec 13, 2022
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These speakers are great. I’ve used them with a CXA81 and a Willsenton R8 tube amp. I don’t get the the treble harshness described in the review. While the speakers handle bass well a sub is definitely needed in medium to large size rooms.

The speakers sound great with the CXA81, but really sing with the R8. The treble , mid range, soundstage and detail result in hours of listening good. Horn speakers and tubes FTW.
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