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Aug 28, 2008
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Being due an upgrade, I am seriously tempted in parting with my iphone 3GS for the new Samsung Galaxy S III. Obviously all my music and videos are currently stored on itunes, and whilst I know there are ways of transferring the music to android as my better half will continue to use her iphone 4 my question is this:

Are there any programmes out there that will allow us to "share" a single library with two different devices? My initial thoughts are that it is unlikely for a number of reasons, but as it would be a pain having to convert music each time for two separate devices does anybody have any ideas to get round the problem?


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What format is your library in? If it is AAC, either self ripped or purchased after 2009 you should be able to play it. If its purchased pre 2009 DRM music you wont be able too. There are android apps which play alac too, so you don't necessarily need to convert anything.

As long as your iTunes library is tidy, you can drag and drop music directly on to your phone, ignoring iTunes completely.


double twist works a treat ( They even have a android app that allows you to sync over wifi.

Personally I moved on and got myself 'google play music', which works as follows:

- Install PC side component which uploads your music into the google cloud (this initial upload takes ages, but on a plus note any new music you add to your itunes library will be automatically uploaded)

- Install associated app on your android phone.

The outcome of this is the ability to stream your music anywhere you want e.g. to your PC browser, your smartphone etc.

You also have the ability to physically store selected parts of your music library on your phone (select 'available offline') for those situations where you don't neccessarily have any coverage.

Hope this helps

P.S. With both of these solutions your underlying itunes library is untouched


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