Touraj Moghaddam: the man behind Roksan and Vertere talks turntables and cables


Jun 13, 2022
Hi there,
Just read this article, very interesting... I can't believe that Touraj is still so enthusiastic about Hi-Fi, but I'm not surprised either.. I worked at Roksan back in the late 1980's, building the Xerxes record deck, assembling the newly designed Artemis tonearm, and soldering the capacitors on the Shiraz cartridge to the fly leads, 'very fiddly indeed'..!!
That's enough of me and my brief time at Roksan. Touraj is very engaging, and his enthusiasm is very infectious from memory. The guy has a brain the size of a small planet, and from what I've read this evening and other things I've read after a bit of googling, he still is at the front of real Hi-Fi research and the goal of pushing the boundaries has never stopped. Hats off to the fella I say...!! Wish I could afford the latest products he has designed (TMS3 etc..), but I still have my black lidded early Xerxes, so not all is lost. Good to see he is still active. I will be keeping an eye on the things to come in the future... Thumbs up..!! AL.


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