TOSlink issue


Jul 6, 2024
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hi all i have run a TOS cable from LG G4 OLED 55” to TOS input back of AURALiC Altair G2.1 then via balanced cables to appropriate inputs Yamaha A-S3200 integ amp
TV alows for combo optical +TV speakers: so chosen
digital music source various free-to-air channels, also digital streaming to TV e.g. Tidal, also TV access of Altair internal HD library: all give solid connect and sound output to speakers EXCEPT in all cases there is a frequent repetitive momentary sound dropoff before resumption and repeat…making listening a nongoer !
tried lots…cable change, supplier perplexed

any similar experiences and resolutions out there ? help much appreciated



Vincent Kars

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When playback starts, the sender starts spitting out a bit stream (SPDIF). The receiver must lock on this stream first. If acquiring the lock takes to long, you will miss the first part.
It is rare but could happen.
Your best bet is try to narrow down the problem.
Try any other source with Toslink e.g. another TV. If this helps, the SPDIF out of the LG might be the problem.
If it doesn't , the G2 might be slow on acquiring the lock.

Likewise test another receiver e.g. LG to Soundbar or AVR over Toslink.
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