Toshiba EP35 - optical digital vs. 5.1 analog outputs


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi - would really appreciate some advice on this one as I'm still unclear after a bit of browsing. I wish to connect my new EP35 to my existing Denon 2805 receiver. This still sounds great so dont have immediate plans to upgrade to a HDMI model. My queries: Is the 5.1 analog connectivity a better option than the optical out? I understand the player will decode hi def audio from HD DVDs which my 2805 cant do. Can I also then use the 5.1 analog for regular Dolby Digital or DTS DVDs? i.e. can I do without the optical digital connection? The Denon manual states it is DTS 96/24 compatible. Is this the same as high def audio? i.e. can I use the optical output in this case and expect the Denon to decode HD DVD audio? With the 5.1 set up it appears that the EP35 does all the decoding and you have to programme your speaker distance, crossover frequency etc. Does this mean that the only function of the Denon will be amplification (also for regular DVDs)? If the 5.1 indeed turns out to be the better option, can you recommend a cable? Wireworld Rainbow seems to be the only available option (?) for £112. Appreciate any advice on this front. Thanks....

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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The optical connection will only carry Dolby Digital, DTS and stereo datastreams from the player to the amp - for the hi-res stuff you will need to use the multichannel analogue outputs with the Denon.

No, the Denon won't decode HD DVD hi-res audio,

You can set up the speaker distances and levels in the player and the amp - that'll be fine.

As for interconnects, you can simply buy three sets of stereo interconnect - just make sure you take care with the connections and don't get the channels mixed up.


Thanks very much Andrew. That helped....but just one more clarification. Can I use the 5.1 connection for watching regular DVDs (Doly digital / DTS) as well? If so, I wont bother connecting the optical out. Thanks again....