Toshiba 46XF355D


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Aug 10, 2019
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Does anyone know whether this is a good set to go for ? It looks pretty flash but not sure if it is really any good and up there with any of the competitors like the Pioneer 428XD or Samsung 50s ?



I saw the 46XF355D standing among a large line up of average quality plasmas, all playing BBCHD from the same source. I was absolutely stunned.

The picture was so sharp, it looked as though it had real depth. Standing about 3 feet away from the screen it still looked stunning.

There was the smaller brother of the 46xf a couple of sets down the row which looked like the rest, average.

I kept walking along the line up of TV's, there was absolutely no comparison to the rest. I even tried to adjust the LG set next to it to see if it had been set up badly.

I have been to a Tosh shop since to look at it again. This time it had Toshiba HD DVD playing on it. Again in the front of the shop in very bright conditions it still looked amazing. Then I noticed on a landscape panning shot it had screen judder. I was absolutely gutted.

I am not an expert on TV's so I studied the spec and found out this: The 46XF355D is 50hz. The Z series of Tosh LCD's are 100hz, which is supposed to eliminate, or help eliminate screen judder. I don't think that the Z series look as nice as the 46XF, they have the thick frame. What is even worse, you can buy a 46ZF355D 100hz set in Germany that looks the same as the 46XF355D, but not in England. I called Tosh and they told me, that at this time they had no intention of bringing out the 46ZF355D 100hz set in England.

I am trying to fall in love with a Panasonic set, but I want a 46ZF355D. Maybe I should spend the rest of my life waiting to see if they bring out the UK version.

If any body can give a release date for the 46ZF355D in the UK, I would be very grateful.


To be frank if a set does not look great with HD then I'd be worried, it's what they're designed to show off best. If they can't get that right then what hope is there. It's how it handles SD, DVD's and Sky that you really need to worry about, unless you never watch them?

The judder you mention is probably down to LCD's refresh rate and anyway, if the set was well designed in the first place then it shouldn't need 100hz to overcome it's problem.


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