Too much bass, can the audiocast be the issue?


Mar 12, 2023
I have a set of B&W 607 S2 and a Marantz pm6007. I use a pretty old Audiocast from google, I guess it's almost a decade old now. It's connected optically, meaning the audiocast automatically optimizes the sound. However, I'm struggling massively with too much bass. I've turned the google equalizer way down, but it doesn't solve the issue. I know these speakers can have too much bass when too close to the wall so I've tried distancing them, but it's not a big room. They are on top of furniture also... Could the audiocast be the issue here?


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Could the audiocast be the issue here?
You could prove that it's not by putting another source (such as a CD player) into the Marantz / B&W.

Also, as you probably know, it's best to keep speakers off of furniture wherever possible, preferably put them on their own stands.
Much more likely to be a problem with your speaker positioning than any issue with Chromecast 👍
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I agree with Gray. And though I’ve not used my Chromecast Audio for a while I thought the equaliser function only worked on the analogue output.

What source are you using, and type of music? (e.g. Spotify?)

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