To upgrade Amp or not


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have the following set up

Amp Yamaha Rx 797

Speakers B&W 683s

CD Yamaha S300 (bought this for the onboard DAC when listening to lossless tunes from Ipod)

Phono Project Audio Turntable

We listen to a really wide range of music classical, pop, rock, jazz,

I am really happy with the sound I have coming from the setup and if I am not happy listening to a track it probably has more to do with the recording quality of the track than anything else. writing this I am listening through pure direct to a chillout cd that sounds clean and full - really really nice.

I have the opportunity to get a perraux eloquence 150i integrated amp ( at a very good price. I am told it would be an excellent match for the 683s and really make them purr with the increased current over the 797

This is really a case of what am I missing out on that would make me want to upgrade to a higher quality amp set up. would the perraux be a good option? what else should I be looking at as far as amps go.

My wife thinks I am ******** (her words :) and thinks we should just stick with what we have and don't need to spend anymore money. .....But worst case scenario I can always get a new wife :)


just a couple of side notes I have been told Perraux is a 'boutique' maker of Amps that have 4 guys in the company. One being a member of Mensa and a certified genius who designs the equipment and has the schematics in his head - whether its true or not I don't know, but its makes for a pretty good story to go with their equipment.

also found another review